Debunking Property Myths

Debunking the Myths

"It ain't what you dont know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.​"


The median house price in Auckland is over $800,000 which makes it way too expensive to invest.

Our clients purchase investment properties far less than the median price. When purchasing investment properties, yield and capital growth are key metrics to consider. Buying a property below market value and unlocking unrealised potential can increase both the yield and value. Property Prices in Auckland will soon crash and won't recover in years to come


Based on statistics from 1954 to date, Auckland property prices have consistently increased over time.

"Crashes" have had short term effect on the market, and the market always recovered. (2008 Global Financial Crisis,  1998 Asian Financial Crisis, 1988 Share Market Crash, see a pattern?

The reality is that if you are in property for the long run, you protect yourself from temporary market movements. If you're speculating, you expose yourself to short term markets trends. We will show you how to reap the rewards of a buy and hold.

I have to be on a very high income to be able to afford a property


It is not all about how much you earn, how much you save is important – because then you have funds to invest with. You can be on an average income, be frugal, and still invest in property and build incredible wealth.

Investing is risky, I'm better off just saving money


When investing, inflation must be taken into account, as it erodes the value of money. If you've reached retirement and haven't accumulated sufficient wealth, and more importantly passive income – most chances are that you won't be able to live the life you want to. Investments offset the threat of inflation. By making wise investment choices, your money works for you rather than the other way around.

Accumulating more and more properties will ensure my financial freedom

It is not about how many properties you have, but more about how hard your money is working for you and the overall value of your portfolio. Without a precise plan and clarity about your goals, you will be like a ship without a rudder – reaching your destination will be plain luck. With a plan, you will reach your goals, and it will be smoother sailing!