Personal Property Consultancy Service

  • Personalised strategic plan to build your property portfolio

    We start with the end goal in mind and work backward from there. It is not just about accumulating properties, but rather about how hard the money works for you. By following a structured and result-driven plan, you can have the confidence that you are progressing towards achieving your goals.

  • Obtaining & Structuring Finance

    In addition to working on obtaining a mortgage for you, our trusted mortgage brokers will also help you structure and plan the mortgage, so that you are in the best possible position to secure finance for your next purchase.

  • Legal and Tax Structures

    Unless this is done correctly from the beginning, changing structures down the track becomes more involved and potentially costly exercise. Our trusted chartered accountants and lawyers can advise you on the best structure to suit your needs.

  • Acquiring Properties

    We hand-pick properties for you and provide all the calculations and analysis to ensure it is a great investment. Not all investments are created equal, this is why analyze each option carefully to ensure you maximise your profits.

  • Support every step of the way

    We hold your hand every step of the way and provide unlimited support.

  • Unitary Plan

    The opportunities that the unitary plan can provide are vast. Options such as building a second dwelling, splitting a house into flats and new builds – can be a viable option, depending on your personalised strategic plan. Our trusted town planners can provide feasibility report and assist with the implementation.

  • Renovations

    Targeted renovations are a great way to increase value and rental income (on each renovation we increased the value by over $100,000). Our project management teams and tradespeople will get your project done well, on time and on budget).

  • Property Management

    If you had a new Mercedes, would you let anyone drive it? Property costs at least twice as much, so entrust it with a property manager that treats it as such. Our trusted property managers are there for you to manage, give advice and assist, to ensure your biggest investment is well taken care of.

  • Annual Performance Review

    We will look at how your portfolio performs and work out the next steps towards achieving your goals.

  • Guarentee

    We guarantee to triple your investment in our service or your money back, guaranteed!

  • We are ready to help you

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    Recent Example

    A recent example of a client's deal is a brick & tile property in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland.

    After negotiating the purchase, we renovated the property, and a tenant secured the property only 2 days after it was advertised!

    Purchase Price: $691,500
    Targeted Renovations: $45,000
    New Value: $890,000

    Equity Gain: $153,500 (in 6 weeks)
    Rent Increase: $5,000 a year.

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